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Sing Street 2016

In 1985 a teenager from Dublin (Ferd Peel Walsh) from rock ‘n’ roll hand to win the heart of a child model (Mark Boynton).

This film takes us to 1980. Dublin through the eyes of 14-year-old boy, Sammy, waiting for a break away from the parental relationship and money problems trying to match the new downtown public school in which boys rough doctors and swelled up. Glimmer of hope has been given the secret RAPHINE cold frames look beautiful, to my mind, calls on him to play music. Theres one problem is a part of it, what he had promised, and now pronounce Imago – outs of live rock music trends in the Cosmo and be drowned in two decades, a group of young people, and cast them formed a band with his own heart, write the text, and I see a branch.

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