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WinToUSB Enterprise 3

Windows developers, free to install the WinToUSB and to use the Windows operating system to run on a USB flash drive or USB hard drive, ISO image or CD / DVD as the installation source allows. Starting with the current version of the Windows operating system (Windows 7 or later), you can use the USB drive in Windows clone work to go. WinToUSB also supports WinPE bootable USB drive a WinPE boot disk on a USB drive to create, transfer the contents of the can.

WinToUSB main features are:

– Easy to use wizard provides step-by-step instructions of Windows to create, to USB drive go through.

– To create an ISO image file or a Windows CD / DVD, is underway.

– (7 or later Windows), Windows To USB DriveClone workspace go Existing Windows operating system.

– Non-use of the Enterprise Edition of Windows 10, go Windows workstation.

Create a Windows To Go USB Drive Certified for Windows To Go without -.

Create VHD base / VHDX of Windows To Go, support the work -.

Important NOTE:

– Windows 7 is not fully portable. The driver may have problems, start different computer, we recommend Windows 10, Windows laptop.

– It does not have a built-in USB support in Windows 7, so Windows 7 runs from the USB port.

– USB flash drives are very slow in common. It takes a long time to install and Windows from a common USB stick, recommended USB hard, Windows certified with a SanDisk Extreme CZ80 USB Flash Drive device, or create a portable Windows run.

– Windows in a device that can run on different computers, so you can carry it anywhere and use it on any computer.

– You must WinToUSB be installed, an administrator of a computer.


1. Unpack and install

2. Use the registration data from the registry?

3. Done.

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